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Clever Combo

Feb 28, 2018

JJ and Logan are back with two more exciting standard brews.

If you like playing other people's decks, try out JJ's "Trigger Happy," an esper deck centered on abusing ETB triggers and stealing opponent's best jank.

If you'd rather spam the board with planeswalkers and tokens at the same time, check out Logan's Jeskai...

Feb 23, 2018

JJ is back with another solo bonus episode, and another Pauper deck. This time it's an Orzhov (what, no blue?) build focused on Life Gain/Drain. 

Decklist on TappedOut:

JJ's Pauper Cube:

Psych Reference: 

Feb 15, 2018

JJ and Logan dive into two more decks, both featuring red. Logan shares his Mono Red Control (read: Burn) deck proving that burn may be more viable in Standard than many would say.

See the deck here:

JJ has a dark Izzet (Grixis) deck where spells matter.

See the...

Feb 9, 2018

JJ flies solo in this special Pauper edition of Clever Combo. He goes over a Dark Blue (ostensibly, Dimir) Mill deck inspired by the Iconic Masters downshift of Jace's Phantasm.

As always, check out the decklist over at

Feb 1, 2018

JJ and Logan return with two more standard brews; Logan's persistent artifact recursion deck, "Trash Compactor" is all about making an impenetrable wall of artifact creatures and then closing the game out with Metalwork Colossus.

JJ's Orzhov value deck, "Horsie!" is a mix of lifegain and token spam, with a web of high...