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Clever Combo

Jun 23, 2019

Ever wonder what the exact opposite of aggro looks like? Big butts and zero-power creatures?

This week Lydia brings us “Tough Spells,”  an XLN-WAR standard deck that somehow brings massive 19-damage swings despite most creatures having 0 or 1 power. Pick your flavor: Huatli, the Sun’s Heart and High Alert both let...

Jun 17, 2019

Do you like R-Chupacabra? And getting caught in Notion Rain? OK, OK, Notion Rain isn't in this deck, but the Chup is, and so is Quasiduplicate, which means 12 opportunities minimum to 2-for-1 your opponent the easy way.

In this episode of Clever Combo, JJ brings us to Value Town with a consistent, ETB-driven Dimir deck

Jun 10, 2019

In this episode of Clever Combo, Lydia reminds us of two things. First, she’s a malicious, devious brewer, and second (and perhaps more importantly) Jodah is, in fact, a thing.

“You Forgot About Jodah” is a XLN-WAR standard deck that digs hard and fast to drop Jodah on four, while holding up a Dive Down for good...

Jun 10, 2019

In this episode of Clever Combo, like so many others, JJ is drawn to Ravnica by Ral’s interplanar beacon, and he brought some friends with him. Inspired by the availability of low-cmc walkers that have real, immediate board impact, JJ set out to build a Superfriends deck, and the result is spicy.

Deck starts at 8:25