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Clever Combo

Jul 29, 2019

Agony is building a deck that performs consistently while also including as many different mana costs as possible. Why? Well tune in to Clever Combo Season 3 Episode 3 to find out.

Embodiment of Agonies is a clear build-around. You need as many mana costs as you can… but how do you balance that against consistency? Well, you start with the “Rule of 9” and then warp it to the “Rule of 18.” 

That means that as good as Assassin’s Trophy is, we cut that to a two-of and sub in a few Cast Down and Thought Erasure. Ashiok, Dream Render makes sure the yard is filled right up, and Bond of Revival makes sure we don’t mill away all our Emodiments. Cavalier of Night provides a backup threat and another way to fetch out a dead Embodiment.

If you like swinging with a 10/10 Deathtouch Flier, this is a deck you should check out!

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