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Clever Combo

Jul 7, 2019

Ever play one of those decks that loses 90% of the time, but those 10% wins are so utterly ridiculous, so totally devoid of anything sensible, that it’s totally worth it? Yeah, us too.

Runaway Bolas puts our favorite tri-color Walker on the express train to nutty victory. Nicky’s ability to use other walker’s’ ults means he can use a Jace to clone himself. An Oath of Teferi is enough to make it go infinite, which may be hard to assemble, but is a pretty much guaranteed GG.

Any Johnny knows you need to find and protect your combo. Dig through your library with Shimmer of Possibilities and Board the Weathlight. Put up some defense with Gleaming Barrier and Sailor of Means, plus ramp up to the critical 5 mana. Then when things are in place, a Karn’s Temporal Sundering will finish off your opponent.


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