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Clever Combo

Oct 7, 2019

Syr Konrad, the Grim presents us with an excellent opportunity for a combo kill. He triggers on just about anything a creature can do with the graveyard: dying, milling/discarding into it, and even leaving it.

The combo revolves around getting the yard full of creatures and then emptying it suddenly. Our primary goal is to drop an early Enhanced Surveillance so that as soon as Konrad hits the battlefield, we can crack it to empty the yard, hopefully for an insta-kill. Forever Young presents a good backup options, which also allows us to recover anything we mill into our yard if we end up needing it.

Since we’re milling already, I like having a few cards that take advantage. Gorging Vulture will not only help us mill, but gives us a little lifegain to hold out for our combo. Narcomoeba is not only a free-roll when it gets milled, but it will end up double-triggering Konrad when it bounces through the graveyard. [[Creeping Chill]] also presents an opportunity to keep ahead of opponent attacks, as well as dome them for a few points to bring the combo-kill into range.

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